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Singapore Premium Dedicated Newsletter Blasting

Our premium dedicated newsletter is specially designed for clients' services, promotions, events or campaigns etc. Newsletters will be blasted to selected target user groups based on our client's request.

Simply provide us with your existing flyer design and we will convert it to a digitally optimized format and send it out for you! Or if you do not have an existing newsletter design our dedicated team of professional graphic designers are ready to assist you anytime.

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$250 *onwards - Guarantees you results!

* Email Blasting packages start from S$250 onwards

Why Email Blasting

Marketing Medium Effiency Cost Remarks
SMS Broadcast Low
Word count restriction prevents campaign from being effective
TV & Radio Advertisement High
Although efficient, it comes at a high price which most people will not want to pay for
Flyer Distribution Low
Inneffient due to the dependency on manpower which results in lover overtall effiency
Email Blasting High
The best of both worlds by being highly effective and at a lower overall cost

Cost of TV & Radio Avertisement:

TV: $25,000 for 10 seconds
Radio (include scriptwriting fee): $8,000 & above
Radio (exclude scriptwriting fee): $4,000 & above

Cost of Printing & Distributing Flyer:

$3,000 for 20,000 pieces A5 size in full colour (for designing & printing)
$700-­‐$1,000 for distribution of the 20,000 pieces
Total cost incurred: $3,700-­‐$4,000

Why Email Blasting

What our clients say?

  • Excellent service! I would definitely recommend their service to any budding entrepreneurs!
  • The consultants are knowledgeable and not pushy at all. They have successfully helped me to identify and reach out to the correct target audience.
  • SG Email Blaster's EDMs are well-designed and they are prompt in executing the campaigns. My sales has tripled ever since the campaign started!
  • SG Email Blaster's way of presenting is professional & concise. I like their service & will continue to have a long-term partnership with them, as I see proven results.

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